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Ministry of Health

HNI (healthnetBC Interface) Business Services

A 'business service' is a specific business function that accesses a Ministry database. All of the business services listed here can be built into a custom application (integrated software). Many of the business services are available through the Ministry's web applications.

Description Available Through
Ministry of Health
Web Application
E45 MSP Coverage Status Check Y Y
R01 Record Newborn Y Y
R02 Record New Person Y Y
R03 Get Person Demographics Y Y
R05 Validate Address Y Y
R06 Update Person Demographics Y Y
R07 Update Person Address Y Y
R08 Record Death Event Y Y
R09 Search for Person Y Y
R16 Get Beneficiary Coverage Periods N Y
R20 Record Document Y Y
R21 Get Document Summary N Y
R22 Get Document Detail N Y
R30 Establish Payer Relationship Y Y
R31 Establish Payer Relationship for Dependent Y Y
R32 Get Contract Periods Y Y
R33 Complete Person Information N Y
R34 Update Employee Number and/or Department Y Y
R35 End Payer Relationship Y Y
R36 End Payer Relationship for Dependent Y Y
R37 Get Account/Contract Address Y Y
R38 Update Account/Contract Address Y Y
R39 Update Account/Contract Phone Number N Y
R40 Account/Contract Inquiry N Y
R41 New Payer Inquiry Y Y
R42 PHN Lookup Y Y

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