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HNSecure is the software developed by the Ministry of Health that opens the way for health care professionals, pharmacies, labs, and employers to securely exchange data using the Internet.

HNSecure consists of both software and infrastructure. The HNSecure software includes HNClient and HNServer/HNGate. HNClient performs encryption, decryption, and authentication services for client applications. HNServer/HNGate does the same for server applications, as well as routing messages.

The infrastructure is HNGard, a service that registers and validates HNSecure users in a directory.

The use of HNSecure is mandatory when transmitting healthnetBC HL7 messages to/from Ministry applications, using the Internet.


HNSecure ensures that only registered users can send and receive messages, and that the messages are tamper proof and fully encrypted. It is based on sound and recognized design principles and uses the highest current standards for information security systems. It is constantly reviewed for relevancy and currency.

HNSecure is secure for high transaction volumes, and easy to work with for business application developers.

HNSecure is designed to keep the cost to all health partners as low as possible. Using the Internet results in no additional transaction or usage charges for transmitting messages using HNSecure.

Using healthnetBC HL7 messages with HNSecure can greatly improve and expedite business functions among health partners.

For example, a patient's PHN must be verified before he or she can be admitted to a hospital. PHNs exist in a Ministry database, but this information may not be directly accessible to the hospital's admitting application. Someone must fax, phone or use another application, often resulting in costly delays.

If the ADT system can incorporate the use of standard healthnetBC HL7 messages and HNSecure, any authorized hospital, regardless of its technical platform, can have immediate, secure, and manageable access to patient information.


In order to use HNSecure, health partners need to:

  • Ensure software is compliant with healthnetBC standards;
  • Have a connection to healthnetBC and TCP/IP protocol;
  • Complete the registration steps in the next section (below);
  • Ensure application can send and receive healthnetBC messages;
  • Ensure HNClient is installed with application;
  • Become an authorized HNSecure user by registering their HNClient.
  • HNClient runs on any Win32 platform (Win 95/98 and WinNT 4.0) and AIX 4.3;
  • HNClient may run on WinNT 3.51, or an earlier version; and
  • HNServer runs on any WIN32 platform.

Register for HNSecure Toolkit

HNSecure Licence Agreement & Toolkit Registration

Supporting Documentation and Information

  • HNSecure Information Page
    The HNSecure Toolkit registration also provides access to a collection of HNSecure Documentation including the HNSecure Business and Technical Specification Guides, the Application Developer's Guide and the Security Protocol Guide. Please contact the Software Support Organization Coordinator for more information.

Support Contact for Development

For more information, please e-mail the Software Support Organization Coordinator at, or phone the Ministry of Health HelpDesk at 250-952-1234.