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The healthnetBC Change Management Committee (HNCMC) will ensure all proposed changes to a healthnetBC development application or service are reviewed in accordance with applicable legislation, regulations, policy and standards.


The purpose of the healthnetBC Change Management Process is to ensure a comprehensive review of all proposed changes to a healthnetBC development application or service.

This has been developed to allow stakeholders to request changes to healthnetBC standards, and comment on changes under review by the committee.

To submit your comments on the Change Management Process, contact the Change Management Coordinator at

To submit a change request, or comment on a change request, use the Change Management Information Exchange section below.

Change Management Information Exchange

Definition of a Change Request

Submit a Change Request

Comment on a Change Request

Supporting Documentation and Information

Change Management Process (PDF, 86 Kb)

Change Management Terms of Reference

PharmaNet Compliance Escalation Procedure (PDF, 15 Kb)

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Support Contact for Development

For more information, please e-mail the Software Support Organization Coordinator at, or phone the Ministry of Health HelpDesk at 250 952-1234.