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Ministry of Health

Developing Applications


healthnetBC is an initiative of the Ministry of Health that facilitates information sharing among BC's health care providers. Most healthnetBC services provide access to databases maintained by the ministries.

healthnetBC maintains and enforces standards that define who can access the information and how it can be used. The standards reflect the policies of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia, the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia.

For more information, see the Professional and Software Compliance Standards, or the compliance document as it is commonly known.

Compliance with healthnetBC standards requires that:

  • An agreement outlines responsibilities for deploying a compliant application;
  • Applications accessing healthnetBC services must pass a test ensuring adherence to the standards.


The purpose of the healthnetBC standards and compliance document ensures that:

  • Data sent from a database does not get altered during transmission or translation and that new or modified data is in the correct format;
  • Data containing medical information is displayed in its entirety to ensure that a health care provider has access to all available information; and,
  • The privacy of the individual is respected through proper use and sufficient encryption during transmission.

Supporting Documentation and Information

Support Contact for Development

For more information, please e-mail the Software Support Organization Coordinator at, or phone the Ministry of Health HelpDesk at 250-952-1234.