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Ministry of Health

Inspection and Complaint Reports

Health Authority Community Care Licensing programs are responsible for monitoring child care and residential care facilities licensed under the Community Care and Assisted Living Act. Health authorities also monitor residential care facilities that are regulated under the Hospital Act. Licensing officers carry out routine inspections to assess whether facilities are meeting the minimum health and safety requirements of the act and regulations (Residential Care Regulation and Child Care Licensing Regulation). Inspection reports are given to facility operators and summaries are posted on health authority websites to provide information.

In addition to inspections, licensing officers conduct investigations in response to complaints. All complaints are investigated, reviewed and followed up to ensure the health, safety and well-being of persons in care. Licensing officers carry out investigations in collaboration with other health authority programs, as needed.

Health authority inspection websites provide summary information relating to the results of routine and follow up inspections, as well as substantiated complaint reports about residential care facilities for seniors.

Inspection and substantiated complaint reports will NOT:

  • Recommend a facility to you;
  • Rank or rate facilities against one another;
  • Issue a report card that grades facilities;
  • Provide personal information about persons in care;
  • Provide specific details of the complaint; or
  • Provide information about complaints that were not substantiated.

Visitors to health authority inspection websites are cautioned against making conclusions about the quality of a facility based solely on the information contained in the inspection report or the number or type of substantiated complaints. Before making a decision about the quality and suitability of a facility, take time to make sure you have enough information by, conducting additional research, gathering information and contacting the facility to make arrangements for a visit.

If you have questions about a particular facility or want to register a complaint about a facility please contact your local Health Authority Community Care Licensing program.

Risk Assessment

A new risk assessment approach and tool has been developed to assist licensing officers as they inspect licensed community care facilities.  The ministry and health authorities have developed this tool together to ensure that the risk of harm to persons in care is properly identified.

With the implementation of this new risk assessment tool, licensing officers will be better able to identify the level of risk to persons in care when they observe non-compliance. The new tool will provide additional detail during routine inspections that will help with follow up inspections, and resources needed to protect the health and safety of persons in care.

Facility risk ratings will be publicly posted after the risk tool has been in use for a period of time and has been tested to make sure the tool provides an accurate measurement of risk. The projected goal for posting the ratings is 2014.

For more information on licensed child care, long term residential care or to view inspection or substantiated complaint reports visit your health authority at the following links:

For more information about the risk assessment tool or process, contact your local health authority community care licensing office.