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A Guide to Community Care Facility Licensing (PDF 1.1M)

Fact Sheets for all Licensed Care:

Child Care

Fact Sheets Child Care Licensing Regulation:

Child Care Publications:

Furnishings and Equipment Guidelines for Licensed Child Care Facilities (PDF  273K )
Fire and Life Safety for Licensed Home Based Child Care Settings in BC (PDF  392K )
Guiding Children's Behaviour (PDF  118K )
Parents' Guide to Selecting and Monitoring Child Care in BC (PDF  249K )
Guide à l’intention des parents sur la sélection et la surveillance des services de garde d’enfants en C.-B.(PDF  279K )
Preventing Illness in Child Care Settings (PDF  98K )
Preventing Injury in Child Care Settings (PDF  93K )
Quick Guide to Common Childhood Diseases (PDF  64K )
Safety Bulletin: Water Safety 2013 (PDF  43K )
Well Beings - by Canadian Paediatric Society

Residential Care

Fact Sheets Residential Care Regulation:

Residential Care Publications:

Residential Care SAMPLE Fire Safety Plan (PDF 776K)
Safety Bulletin: Practice of First Aid Skills 2014 (PDF  77K)
Planning for Your Care Needs: Help in Selecting a Residential Care Facility (PDF 386K)
Safety Bulletin: Facility Entrance and Exit Doors 2011 (PDF  85K)
Information on Family and Resident Councils
Assisted Living and Residential Care Fire and Life Safety (PDF 1.6M)
Audits and More: A Nutrition and Food Service Audit Manual for Adult Residential Care Facilities with 25 or more Persons in Care (PDF 5.1M)
Audit Tools to Accompany Audits and More Manual (MS Word 1.2M )
Forms to Accompany Audits and More Manual (MS Word 68K )
Meals and More Manual: A Foods and Nutrition Manual for Homes of Adults and Children with 24 Persons or Fewer in Care (PDF 2.0M)
Forms to Accompany Meals and More Manual (MS Word 890K )

Health Files

Immunization and your Child
Measles, Mumps and Rubella
Pertussis (Whooping Cough)
Chicken Pox
Dental Care for Toddlers
Dental Care for Infants
Eye Problems-Young Children and their Eyes
Eye Problems-School Age Children and their Eyes
Head Lice
Hearing-Infants and Toddlers
Hepatitis B-Infant Program
Pets and Human Disease Pink Eye
Safety Tips for Swimmers
SIDS-Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
"Sun Smart" your Kids
Unpasteurized Fruit Juices: A Potential Health Risk

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