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Ministry of Health

Data Stewardship Committee

The Data Stewardship Committee is established under the E-Health (Personal Health Information Access and Protection of Privacy) Act. The committee members are appointed by the Minister of Health, and are responsible for managing the disclosure of information contained in a health information bank or a prescribed Ministry of Health database. The Pharmaceutical Services Act also mandates that the disclosure of PharmaNet data for research purposes is adjudicated by the Data Stewardship Committee.

Anyone seeking data contained in PharmaNet, a health information bank or a prescribed ministry database for research purposes must submit a request to the Data Stewardship Committee through the Data Stewardship Secretariat. If the committee approves the request, the health information bank or the prescribed database administrator may disclose the requested information, subject to any conditions set by the Data Stewardship Committee or the administrator.

The Data Stewardship Committee also provides oversight on behalf of the Ministry of Health in endorsing academic research requests to contact, before submission to the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of British Columbia.