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Applying a Disclosure Directive to your Electronic Health Record

Step 1. Call or download

You can download a disclosure directive form online or ask to have one mailed to you.

By phone, a customer service representative can answer your questions about the disclosure directive service. They will also ask to confirm your demographic information, including your CareCard number.

By Phone:

Health Insurance BC Contact Centre (HIBC)
Lower Mainland: 604-683-7151
Elsewhere in BC: 1-800-663-7100

For more information on forms

Step 2. Fill out a disclosure directive application form and send it in.

Once you have learned more about disclosure directives, and you would like to proceed, you need to fill out the form and mail it to:

Disclosure Directive Service
PO Box 9688 Stn Prov Govt
Victoria, BC V8W 9P8

Step 3. Receive your disclosure directive receipt in the mail.

After you have sent in your form and required documentation and it has been processed, you will receive a receipt in the mail. Once you’ve received the receipt, you will need to call HIBC at the numbers listed above to proceed. The receipt will contain a secret code which you will need to provide to the HIBC customer service representative over the phone.

Step 4. Establish your keyword.

Sharing your secret code with a customer service representative confirms your identity and allows you to proceed with applying a disclosure directive and adding the keyword to your electronic health record.

The customer service representative will review the keyword rules with you. You will share your keyword with the representative and they will complete the process of adding a disclosure directive to your electronic health record.

 Step 5. Using your keyword.

Once a disclosure directive has been applied to your electronic health record, you will need to share your keyword if you would like a health professional to see your personal health information.

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