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Ministry of Health
eHealth - Faster, safer, better healthcare

Electronic Health Record (EHR)

The Electronic Health Record (EHR) is the cornerstone of the Province’s eHealth strategy to deliver faster and more effective treatment to patients. When every British Columbian has an EHR they will each have a secure and private lifetime record of their key health history and care within the health system.

By making health care records interoperable in computer systems province wide (seamlessly communicate with each other) the Electronic Health Record (iEHR) project will make possible secure information exchange between clinicians, patient information systems and the repositories – diagnostic imaging, drug and lab information – where information will be stored.

Authorized clinicians and health care providers will be able to access data using a secure web-based viewer application or through computer to computer information transfers.

Building the electronic health record

Eric has lived in six different parts of B.C. in 10 years. A senior, he has had x-rays, and blood tests in several different towns and various prescriptions. Visiting Cranbrook, he visits a walk in clinic. Currently, Eric’s records exist all over the province, on paper and film. With the creation of the electronic health record all of Eric’s records will be available in a secure file online only for him and authorised health professionals like the physician in Cranbrook. He will get faster, safer, better care.

eHealth will provide