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Ministry of Health

Licensing for Students

The EMA Licensing Board issues short-term licences to students enrolled in approved training programs across British Columbia. These licences are designed for students and include terms and conditions permitting students to practice learned skills in real-life situations under the direct supervision of qualified instructors, preceptors and other approved clinical supervisors.

Short-term licences for students are described in Section 5 of the Emergency Medical Assistants Regulation.

Licensing Process

Upon course completion/ withdrawal or expiry, former licence is reinstated
Applicant submits Application for Licence with photo
Former licence reinstated (if applicable)
Full licence issued
Training agency submits Licence for Student Request form
Licence for a student issued
Applicant completes exams, pays fees and submits all required forms

Important Information

  • One year licence term (can be extended for up to one additional year).
  • You are only permitted to perform skills and procedures that have been covered during training. Under no circumstances are you permitted to practice these skills outside of the training environment.
  • It is a term and condition of your licence that you comply with the Emergency and Health Services Act and the EMA regulation, including the Code of Ethics. Failure to comply with terms and conditions may lead to having further terms and conditions placed on your licence and ultimately may lead to disciplinary proceedings under section 7 of the Act.
  • Fees are not required for short-term licences for students.
  • Continuing competence information can be found on the Continuing Competence section of the EMA Licensing website.

The EMA Licensing Branch must receive all of the following documentation at least 14 days (the earlier the better) prior to your first clinical or practical start date.

Applicant’s Checklist
As an applicant you are responsible for the following:

  • Complete and electronically submit the Application for Licence form.
  • Submit a digital colour photo that is less than one year old; photo can be attached to the “Application for Licence” form, sent by email to with your full name in the subject line, or mailed.

Training Agency Checklist
As a training agency you are responsible for sending a completed Licence for Student Request form (email or fax) to the EMA Licensing Branch at the beginning of each class session and at least 14 days prior to when the licences are required.
For more information about licensing for students you can email or contact the EMA Licensing Branch at (250) 952-1211 (selection #2).

To Request a Licence Extension
If a licence extension is required, the training agency can submit a Licence for Student Request form at least 14 days prior to licence expiry (check the extension box on the form).
Licences for students can be extended for up to 180 days at a time (maximum total licence time cannot exceed 2 years).