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Ministry of Health

Healthy Eating and Food Security

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Healthy eating is important to leading a healthy lifestyle and promoting healthy weights at any age and is equally important in reducing risk for many chronic diseases. Thirty per cent of cancer and diabetes incidence and 20 per cent of cardiovascular disease can be attributed to poor nutrition.

The provincial government recognizes that healthy eating must focus on both improving individual knowledge and skills, and creating supportive environments to encourage healthy choices.

Healthy eating is a way of eating that meets the body’s needs for nutrients and energy and is characterized by diversity and balance. Healthy eating includes positive relationships with food, the enjoyment of food and positive social interactions around food and meals. A basic understanding of food and nutrition as well as food preparation skills enables people to eat healthfully.

Food Security is the foundation for healthy eating and requires a stable and sustainable food supply from production to disposal.  A person is considered food secure if they can access with dignity, affordable, healthy food that is safe, culturally appropriate, and meets their nutritional needs and preferences.

Under the leadership of the Provincial Nutritionist, the province is addressing healthy eating and food security by:

  • Building partnerships to support healthy living
  • Creating, identifying and communicating evidence-based best practice resources with partners and stakeholders
  • Developing strategic policy to ensure activities and programs are both effective and aligned with goals
  • Ensuring accountability for managing resources and monitoring outcomes as programs and policies are developed and implemented.

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