MSP Forms

The Medical Services Plan (MSP) provides forms to use when changing your address, adding family members to your account, replacing your CareCard, and making other changes to your status with MSP. Most forms are available electronically. Paper copies are available from MSP and Government Agents/B.C. Access Centres. You can also obtain forms by using the MSP Forms-by-Fax service.

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Electronic Forms

Two kinds of electronic forms are available from MSP. One type can be downloaded and printed from your computer, completed and sent back by mail only (these forms require a signature). The other kind, referred to as "online" forms, can be filled out and submitted to MSP electronically (these do not require a signature).

Electronic submission does not automatically or immediately update your account information. MSP staff still need to process the information, once received.

Forms that are available electronically include:

Note: Information submitted electronically is insecure and could be viewed by a third party while in transit.

See the full page of electronic MSP Forms.

Paper Forms

Paper copies of forms are available from Government Agents/B.C. Access Centres throughout the province or by contacting MSP.


Forms can be sent to you through the MSP Forms-by-Fax service, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Forms are selected by telephone and sent directly to your fax machine without having to wait to speak to a client service representative. To have forms faxed to you, call the Forms-by-Fax telephone number at 250 356-0998 and follow the recorded instructions. Please note, you need a touch-tone phone and a fax machine to use this service.

Forms available using the Forms-by-Fax service include:

  • Address Change Forms
  • Application for Enrollment
  • Application for Addition of Family Member
  • Application for Premium Assistance
  • CareCard Replacement Form

Forms for Medical and Health Care Practitioners

These forms are for the use of physicians and supplementary health care practitioners. The forms can be downloaded and printed from your computer, completed and sent back by mail or fax (these forms require a signature).

See Forms for Practitioners.

Forms for Group Plan Administrators

New Company Information/Third Party Registration

Employers who are interested in administering MSP benefits on behalf of their employees can obtain new company information and a Third Party registration form.

See New Company Information (Third Party Registration).

Group Applications/Forms

These forms are for the use of employers, unions and pension plans that administer MSP coverage on behalf of their employees, pensioners, union members and others. The forms should be printed, given to the applicant for completion, and authorized by the group plan administrator before submission to MSP. Available forms include:

  • Group Application
  • Group Change Form
  • Group Application for Premium Assistance
  • Notice to Terminating Employees
  • Group Coverage Cancellation
See Group Application Forms.

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