Your BC Services Card/CareCard

Each B.C. resident enrolled with the Medical Services Plan (MSP) is eligible for a BC Services Card with a unique lifetime identifier for health care called a personal health number. This number remains the same, regardless of any changes to personal status. You should carry your card at all times, to have it available to be presented whenever you need health care services. However, if you do not have your card with you, your physician or other health care provider can verify that you are enrolled with MSP. You may be asked for additional identification.

The card is also a valuable way to confirm your identity. There is no gold version of the BC Services Card. However, seniors may continue to use the BC Services Card as proof of age. If you already have a gold CareCard, you may continue to use it until 2018. Visit BC Services Card for more information

When can I use my BC Services Card to obtain health care services?
As long as you are a resident of B.C. and are enrolled in MSP, you can use your card to obtain insured medical and health care services. Your card can be used as of the date your MSP coverage begins. For most adults, the date will be indicated on a letter that will be sent once Health Insurance BC has processed their application. For those under 19, and some adults, that date is indicated on the paper attached to the card when it is delivered. Your card is also used to obtain PharmaCare prescription drug benefits - go to the PharmaCare web site for registration information.

Is the BC Services Card/CareCard encoded with personal information about me?
The magnetic stripe on the back contains only the information printed on the front of the card and your personal health number. This stripe on the back allows the BC Services Card or CareCard to be read electronically.

How do I change my name on my BC Services Card/CareCard?
You need to apply to have a new card issued in the correct name. See Replace Your Card below.

What should I do with my old CareCard?
You can surrender your card at the Insurance Corporation of BC when you apply for your BC Services Card.

Replace Your Card

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Cards

In all cases where a card is stolen, it is important to immediately report the theft to Health Insurance BC.

When requesting replacement of a lost, damaged, or stolen BC Services Card or CareCard:

If you are 19 – 74 years of age, visit an ICBC DLO with two pieces of ID to obtain a photo BC Services Card.

If you are age 75 or over, you have the option of visiting an Insurance Corporation of BC driver licensing office (ICBC DLO) with two pieces of ID to obtain a photo BC Services Card or contacting HIBC toll-free to request a non-photo BC Services Card.

If you are under the age of 19 or have temporary immigration status, call Health Insurance BC (HIBC) toll-free.

Name and Birth Date

You are required to report a change of name within 10 days. If a replacement is required because the name or birth date on a BC Services Card or CareCard needs to be changed, call Health Insurance BC toll free first.

  • If you are covered under a group plan administered by your employer, union or pension office you need to complete a Group Change Request
  • If you are covered under a self-administered account, you need to complete an MSP Account Change


To update the gender on your BC Services Card for reasons other than an administrative error, please visit BC Services Card for information.

In the case of administrative error, please contact Health Insurance BC toll free first.


There is no fee to obtain or replace a BC Services Card. However, if you're combining your BC Services Card with your driver's licence, fees that apply to the regular driver's licence renewal process still apply.

Protection Against Fraud

It is an offence to use another person's Personal Health Number (PHN) or to knowingly allow your PHN to be used by another person. In order to maintain B.C.'s health care plans for the benefit of all residents, the plans must be protected against inappropriate use by those who are not residents of B.C. and, therefore, are not eligible for coverage.

Any person who has details regarding possible misuse of a BC Services Card or CareCard is urged to contact HIBC with pertinent information.

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