MSP for B.C. Residents

If you have not contacted or mailed in receipts to Health Insurance of BC (HIBC) regarding your MSP account and you receive a call that claims to be from Health Insurance BC (HIBC) requesting account or other personal information, please do not respond. Instead, hang up and independently verify the phone number. Only call back once you have ensured it is a legitimate HIBC phone number.


All residents of B.C. must enrol with MSP (for the definition of a resident see Who is Eligible?). Premiums are required by MSP and there are several payment options available to you (see Premiums).

For a full overview of MSP, view the following brochure (PDF 106K).

If you need to:

Read MSP's Frequently Asked Questions for common questions and answers about MSP. To find options for contacting MSP, see MSP Contacts for B.C. Residents. To obtain a form, go to MSP Forms.

BC PharmaCare provides financial assistance with eligible prescription drugs to British Columbia residents and families. For more information, visit PharmaCare's Web site.

Information is also available in French through Francophone Services at the Provincial Health Services Authority.

Information disponible en français grâce aux services francophones de la régie provinciale de la santé.

The BC Services Card

Starting February 15, 2013 the provincial government will introduce the BC Services Card, which will be phased in over a five-year period. The BC Services Card replaces the CareCard and can be combined with your driverís licence. It is secure government issued identification that British Columbians can use to prove their identity and access provincially-funded health services. In the future, the BC Services Card will provide in-person and online access to other government services.

An overview of the BC Services Card.

The BC Services Card is more convenient and more secure, with enhanced security features to protect your personal information. And getting yours is easy.

Starting February 15, 2013, most eligible adult B.C. residents will be required to prove their identity and renew enrolment in the Medical Services Plan (MSP) before 2018; most BC Services Card cardholders will be required to renew enrolment every five years. You can simply enrol when renewing your driver's licence. And even if you don't drive, you can enrol at the nearest location where driver's licences are issued.

Exemptions from renewal of enrolment in MSP:

Some MSP beneficiaries do not have to renew enrolment:

  • Adults aged 75 and older are not required to renew enrolment in MSP, but may apply for a BC Services Card when they renew their BCID or driver's licence;
  • Children less than 19 years of age are not required to renew enrolment in MSP and can continue to use their CareCard.

Exceptions to the regular enrolment or renewal of enrolment process:

  • Individuals that are unable to attend the ICBC counter due to health conditions may qualify for an alternate process.

Existing CareCards and Gold CareCards can continue to be used to access provincially-funded health services until 2018.

Visit BC Services Card to learn more

The BC Services Card

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