MSP Direct

MSP Direct is an online business service that allows group plan administrators to do a number of adjustments to their members' account. Administrators are able to add and remove employees and their dependents from MSP group accounts through electronic means. Administrators can also quickly retrieve and update addresses of employees, confirm the Personal Health Number of an employee or dependent, etc. For more information, or to register for MSP Direct service, go to the Ministry's Health Data Access Services web site.

Transactions that can be conducted through MSP Direct include:

  • PHN Lookup - Find PHN of employee and/or dependent under your group.
  • Add Employee - Add new employee and employee's dependents to an MSP group account.
  • Add Employee Dependent - Add spouse or child to an existing employee's group contract.
  • Add Visa Resident - Enrol international students holding study permits.
  • Cancel Employee - Cancel employee from the employer's MSP group account. Dependents of the employee are cancelled automatically.
  • Cancel Employee Dependent - Cancel spouse or child from employee's group account.
  • Get Contract Periods - Retrieve persons and coverage periods associated with employee's MSP contract(s).
  • Reinstate Cancelled Group Coverage - Remove a cancellation date and leave coverage intact.
  • Renew Cancelled Group Coverage - Start a new coverage period without having to update addresses and employee numbers.
  • Record Death - Cancel benefits for a deceased employee or dependent.
  • Update Employee Contact Address - Update the home or mailing address, and/or telephone number of an employee's MSP Group Contract.
  • Validate Address - Validate any Canadian address against Canada Post Corporation (CPC) compliance standards. Employer can also verify or obtain correct addresses and postal codes.

Advantages of Using MSP Direct

During regular business hours (6 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday), group administrators are able to:

  • Add and remove employees and dependents from MSP group accounts, through electronic rather than paper processes, to keep premium billings current.
  • Retrieve and update the MSP addresses of employees quickly.
  • Record the required documentation to prove an employee's right to health care benefits, through electronic rather than paper processes.
  • Confirm that the PHN for a person is correct.
  • Reduce turn-around time from weeks to seconds to register and terminate employer benefits for employees.

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