MSP Contacts for Medical and Health Care Practitioners


Medical Services Plan
PO Box 9480 Stn Prov Govt
Victoria, B.C.  V8W 9E7


Vancouver: 604 456-6950
Other areas of B.C. (toll-free): 1 866 456-6950


You can obtain many forms online through MSP Forms for Practitioners. These include applications for practitioner registration, MSP billing number, Teleplan service, direct bank deposit, assignment of payment, insured out of country medical services, and pre-authorization of payment for surgery for alteration of appearance. Forms may be printed, then completed and mailed to MSP.

However, Claim Forms must be submitted online unless the claim is a permitted exemption.

If you have access to a fax machine, some forms may be requested through the claims information-by-fax line listed below.

Physicians can order Travel Assistance Program (TAP BC) forms by:

    Telephone: Call 1 800 661-2668 (toll-free in B.C.) or 250 952-2657 (in Victoria). This is the automated TAP line at Health Insurance BC (HIBC) and the physician’s MSP Payee Number is required for entry.

    Facsimile: Fax your request to HIBC Provider Services at 250 405-3592. Please provide the physician’s name, full mailing address, and MSP Practitioner Number.

    For all other physician TAP queries, please contact 1 866 456-6950 (toll-free in B.C.) and select Provider Services to speak to a client service representative.


Using a touch tone phone, select a publication and enter your fax number. The system will then fax the selection to you. This includes publications, forms, information on close-off dates, payment schedule and fee item information, and RSA/NITA programs.

Telephone: 250 356-9605


Use this toll-free service to reach the Teleplan Support Centre about electronic billing problems, liaison with software vendors, electronic remittance statements and refusals, resetting of passwords and assistance with technical problems.

Vancouver: 604 456-6950

Other areas of B.C. (toll-free): 1 866 456-6950


This automated service handles coverage enquiries using an interactive voice response (IVR) system. The patient's personal health number (PHN) must be provided. (If the PHN is unknown, fax a request on a coverage research form to 250 405-3592.)

Victoria: 250 952-3102 or 250 383-1226
Vancouver: 604 669-6667
Other areas of B.C. (toll-free): 1 800 742-6165

If a patient needs to contact MSP about coverage, see MSP Contacts for B.C. Residents for suggested options.


Central access point for information on claims, payments, patient status, third party payments, registration, billing, locum and rural programs, out of country claims, and info-by-fax. Includes the Billing Support, Benefit Services, Provider Services and Out of Country Claims departments. When calling, please have the appropriate information ready (e.g. patient name and PHN, data centre/sequence number, date of service, practitioner number, payment number).

Vancouver: 604 456-6950
Other areas of B.C. (toll-free): 1 866 456-6950

Billing Support
Fax: 250 405-3593
Assists with Practitioner billing; payment schedule/fee item questions; handles adjudication disputes and overage claims.
Benefit Services
Fax: 250 405-3593
Handles pay-patient claims, benefits entitlement, and responds to public and third party claims information requests.
Provider Services
Fax: 250 405-3592
Responsible for practitioner registration, opting-in/out, assignment of payment, electronic claims submission, direct bank deposit, locum programs, northern and rural programs.
Out of Country Claims
Fax: 250 405-3588
Handles payment of claims for insured medical services provided outside British Columbia.


Administers alternative payment arrangements for physicians. See Alternative Payments Program.

Telephone: 250 952-3200
Fax: 250 952-3486


Monitors, audits and investigates the billing patterns of medical and health care practitioners. See Billing Integrity Program.

Telephone: 250 952-2338


Produces publications, education materials and corporate communications for the Medical Services Division and the Medical Services Commission.

Telephone: 250 952-1169
Fax: 250 952-3133


Directs utilization management and expenditure reduction initiatives, such as clinical practice guidelines and payment protocols; provides information and administrative support to the B.C. Guidelines and Protocols Advisory Committee.

Telephone: 250 952-1347
Fax: 250 952-1417

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