Please be advised that effective April 1, 2013, all RCMP members will become MSP beneficiaries and coverage will be the same as all B.C. residents.

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Information for Medical Office Assistants

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Medical Office Assistant Billing Guide

The Medical Office Assistant Billing Guide is intended to provide a guide for physicians and medical office assistants. For definitive information on fee-for-service billing codes and amounts, consult the current MSC Payment Schedule. If a discrepancy exists between the information contained in the Guide and the MSC Payment Schedule, the information in the MSC Payment Schedule will prevail.

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Additional Resources

MSC Payment Schedule - list of fees payable for insured medical services. Also see Explanatory Codes (PDF 145K).

Physicians' Newsletter - provides information on MSP administration and operations, including new and changed procedures, billing rules, programs and services.

MSP's Statutory Holidays and Close Off Dates - Important dates to note.

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