Medical Services Commission

Payment Schedule

The MSC Payment Schedule is the list of fees approved by the Medical Services Commission payable to physicians for insured medical services provided to beneficiaries enroled with MSP.

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  1. Preamble to the Payment Schedule (PDF 218K)
  2. Out-of-Office Hours Premiums (PDF 30K)
  3. General Services (PDF 102K)
  4. Diagnostic and Selected Therapeutic Procedures (PDF 116K)
  5. Critical Care (PDF 51K)
  6. Emergency Medicine (PDF 25K)
  7. General Practice (PDF 456K)
  8. Anesthesia (PDF 86K)
  9. Dermatology (PDF 36K)
  10. Ophthalmology (PDF 109K)
  11. Otolaryngology (PDF 63K)
  12. General Internal Medicine (PDF 57K)
  13. Cardiology (PDF 52K)
  14. Clinical Immunology and Allergy (PDF 20K)
  15. Endocrinology and Metabolism (PDF 18K)
  16. Gastroenterology (PDF 35K)
  17. Geriatric Medicine (PDF 29K)
  18. Hematology and Oncology (PDF 25K)
  19. Infectious Diseases (PDF 27K)
  20. Nephrology (PDF 25K)
  21. Occupational Medicine (PDF 11K)
  22. Respirology (PDF 34K)
  23. Rheumatology (PDF 14K)
  24. Neurology (PDF 56K)
  25. Neurosurgery (PDF 68K)
  26. Obstetrics and Gynecology (PDF 66K)
  27. Orthopaedics (PDF 183K)
  28. Pediatrics (PDF 56K)
  29. Psychiatry (PDF 71K)
  30. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PDF 16K)
  31. Plastic Surgery (PDF 131K)
  32. General Surgery (PDF 241K)
  33. Vascular Surgery (PDF 90K)
  34. Cardiac Surgery (PDF 67K)
  35. Thoracic Surgery (PDF 65K)
  36. Urology (PDF 41K)
  37. Diagnostic Radiology (PDF 68K)
  38. Diagnostic Ultrasound (PDF 39K)
  39. Therapeutic Radiology (PDF 12K)
  40. Laboratory Medicine (PDF 292K)
  41. Nuclear Medicine Procedures (PDF 44K)
  42. Specialist Services Committee Initiated Listings (PDF 119K)

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