Medical Services Commission (MSC)

The Medical Services Commission (MSC) manages the Medical Services Plan (MSP) on behalf of the Government of British Columbia in accordance with the Medicare Protection Act and Regulations.

The MSC is a nine-member statutory body made up of three representatives from Government, three representatives from the British Columbia Medical Association (BCMA) and three members from the public jointly nominated by the BCMA and Government to represent MSP beneficiaries. This unique partnership ensures government, doctors and B.C. residents all have a voice in the administration of MSP. Current members of the MSC are listed in the Board Resourcing and Development Office web site.


To facilitate reasonable access throughout B.C. to quality medical care, health care and diagnostic facility services for B.C. residents under MSP.


The responsibilities of the MSC are two-fold: to ensure that all B.C. residents have reasonable access to medical care and to manage the provision and payment of medical services in an effective and cost-efficient manner.

The MSC oversees a budget of more than $2.5 billion. About 99 per cent of these funds go directly for payment of medical and supplementary health care services insured under MSP. The other one per cent covers administrative and operational costs of MSP, including salaries of MSP employees.


The MSC Annual Report provides an annual accounting of the business of the MSC, its subcommittees and other delegated bodies:

The MSC Financial Statement (Blue Book) contains an alphabetical listing of payments made by the MSC to practitioners, groups, clinics, hospitals and diagnostic facilities for each fiscal year.

The MSCommuniqué conveys legislation, policy and protocols that have a direct impact on physician's practice and billing under MSP.

MSC Audit Report, June 2012 (PDF 115K)

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