Fee item 00083 - Crisis Intervention

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Fee item 00083 applies when the attending physician is called upon to provide continuous medical assistance at the exclusion of all other services in periods of personal or family crisis caused by rape, sudden bereavement, suicidal behaviour or acute psychosis. The following information will help you determine under what conditions this fee item may be billed.
FEE ITEM 00083
  • Is not a stand-alone item. If a consultation or complete physical examination is performed, bill the applicable item for the first full hour. Otherwise, bill the appropriate visit fee for the first full half hour.
  • May be billed for each continuous half hour or major portion thereof.
  • Is applicable in cases of sudden bereavement. Counselling rendered following death from long-term illness is not billable under fee item 00083, but may be billed under the applicable visit or counselling listing.
  • Is only applicable for the initial crisis, and only for those services specifically mentioned in the description of the fee item. All subsequent care should be billed under the applicable fee(s).
  • Is not applicable for foetal death. Pre- and post-delivery counselling may be billed under the appropriate visit fee (e.g. fee item 00120, 00100)
Note: In cases of sexual assault, time spent collecting legal evidence is not a benefit of MSP and should be billed to the appropriate police agency (i.e. local police or RCMP). Refer to the BCMA Guide to Fees for further information on billing. Information regarding the collection and storage of medical forensic evidence was provided as an insert to the Winter 2000 edition of the Physicians' Newsletter.

To ensure prompt payment of your account, provide information regarding the nature of the crisis in your note record.

Always include the total time spent with the patient in the "start time" and "end time" fields of your billing for fee item 00083.
  For example: Patient is seen for grief counselling following sudden death of spouse from 10am to 11:10am. Bill as follows:
  Fee Item Time Note Record
  00120 n/a n/a
  00083 X 1 1000 - 1110 sudden death of spouse
Explanation: Fee item 00120 is billed for the first half hour. The criteria are met for fee item 00083 (i.e. sudden bereavement and major portion of half hour spent excluding first half hour). Only one unit of fee item 00083 is payable, as the additional 10 minutes spent is not the major portion of a half hour.


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