Multiple Diagnostic/Therapeutic


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Listed in the "Diagnostic and Selected Therapeutic Procedures" Section of the MSC Payment Schedule.

Multiple Diagnostic/Therapeutic Procedures Performed at the Same Sitting

When multiple diagnostic/therapeutic procedures are performed at the same sitting, the procedure having the largest fee is billed at 100% of the listed fee. The remaining procedure(s) are billed at 50% of the listed fee(s), unless otherwise indicated in the Payment Schedule.


Procedures listed as "extra" will be paid at 100% for the first "extra", and 50% for any additional procedures listed as "extra", unless otherwise indicated in the Payment Schedule.

Two Diagnostic/Therapeutic Procedures Performed By Two Physicians at the Same Sitting

When two diagnostic/therapeutic procedures are performed by two physicians at the same sitting, and both procedures are within the competence of either physician, the total fee claimed should be no greater than that which would be payable if both procedures were performed by one physician.

Tip: See Preamble B.11 of the MSC Payment Schedule for more information on billing multiple services listed under "Diagnostic and Selected Therapeutic Procedures".


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