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Multiple and Duplicate Visits on the Same Day

This short self-quiz will test your understanding of MSP billing policies and procedures for multiple and duplicate visits on the same day.

Question 1

If a doctor sees a patient for bronchitis and a sore knee during the same visit, how many visit fees are billable?

  (a) Two, each at 100%.
  (b) One.
  (c) Two. The first is billable at 100%;the second is billable at 50%.

Question 2

If a patient is seen in the office in the morning for Upper Respiratory Infection (URI), and returns later in the day with a twisted knee, can both visits be billed?

  (a) Yes
  (b) No

Question 3

If a patient is seen in the morning for a condition that requires a lab test to make a diagnosis, and subsequently must return on the same day to discuss the results of the tests, can a visit be billed for each time the patient was seen?

  (a) Yes.
  (b) No.