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Ministry of Health

Local Governments

In October 2005, the Ministry of Health created the guidebook Managing Pandemic Influenza: A Guide for B.C. Local Governments (PDF 779K) and an Annotated Annex (PDF 494K) to help local governments prepare for a severe pandemic. This guidebook is currently being updated to reflect work to date in developing a shared understanding of roles, responsibilities and expectations. The current version provides information on:

  • What a severe pandemic is and potential impact for local governments
  • Business continuation and consequence management
  • Collaboration with health authorities and other local organizations

Revisions to this document will include critical updates regarding the funding available to local governments for pandemic response costs. Funding for pandemic-related expenditures may be available to offset costs associated with the severe secondary impacts of pandemic that pose a risk to public safety. For current information regarding eligibility for financial assistance please see:

For information specific to the current H1N1 pandemic, please see: