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Ministry of Health

Communications and Education

Timely and accurate communication is essential to informing and educating the public and health care providers, and responding to public concerns and reaction to a spreading pandemic. It enables these two key groups to know how to best protect their health and, in the case of health care providers, how best to serve the public. It will also inspire continued confidence in the Province’s response to pandemic influenza.

The documents listed on this web page describe the approach, procedures, methods, and roles and responsibilities for addressing the key elements of pandemic education and communications. Templates and guidelines are provided to enable the provincial government to be timely, accurate and efficient in its communications both externally with health care providers, the public and its many stakeholders, and internally within the health ministries and the B.C. public service.

Plans and Guidelines

Pandemic Communications in British Columbia (PDF 358K)

Communications and Education Template (PDF 156K)

Other Resources

Handwashing with Soap and Water (PDF 415K)

Cleaning Hands with an Alcohol-based Sanitizer (PDF 424K)

Protect Yourself and Others from Influenza (PDF 475K)