Welcome to PharmaCare

BC PharmaCare helps B.C. residents with the cost of eligible prescription drugs and certain medical supplies. It provides access to drug therapy through several drug plans. The largest is the income-based Fair PharmaCare plan.

For most PharmaCare plans, you must be actively enrolled in the Medical Services Plan of B.C. (MSP).

Once you are eligible for PharmaCare coverage, any portion of your prescription cost covered by PharmaCare is calculated at the time of purchase. You pay only the costs not covered by PharmaCare.

If you move away from B.C., PharmaCare coverage ends the day you leave the province.

Fair PharmaCare Plan

Most B.C. residents are covered under Fair PharmaCare. Coverage under this plan is based on your family's net income. It is available to single people or to families. Register for Fair PharmaCare online. You need to register only once. Your coverage is updated on January 1 of every year based on your current income information.

Smoking Cessation Program

PharmaCare covers prescription smoking cessation drugs and eligible nicotine replacement therapy products for B.C. residents who smoke. Tell me more…

Health Insurance BC

Health Insurance BC administers the Ministry of Health's PharmaCare program. Health Insurance BC can answer your questions about both the Medical Services Plan and PharmaCare. Please see our Contacts page for more information.