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Who we cover

B.C. residents with active Medical Services Plan of B.C. (MSP) coverage are eligible for coverage under the following PharmaCare plans:

  • Fair PharmaCare – B.C.’s income-based plan. Most B.C. residents are covered by this plan. You can register online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Plan B – Permanent residents of licensed residential care facilities
  • Plan C – Individuals receiving income assistance from the Province of British Columbia
  • Plan D – Individuals registered with a provincial cystic fibrosis clinic
  • Plan F – Children receiving medical or full financial assistance through the At Home Program of the Ministry of Children and Family Development
  • Plan G – Clients of mental health services centres for whom the cost of medication is a significant barrier to treatment
  • BC Palliative Care Benefits Program – For those who choose to receive palliative care at home.

Products we cover

BC PharmaCare covers a comprehensive list of drugs and medical supplies, including:

Services we cover

PharmaCare covers:

  • the full cost of a pharmacist-delivered medication review services for most B.C. residents taking 5 or more medications
  • all B.C. residents for clinical services fees associated with prescription renewal or adaptation by pharmacists.

Examples of items/services not covered by PharmaCare

  • Drugs or supplies purchased outside B.C. or from companies or pharmacies located outside B.C.
  • Any portion of a dispensing fee above the maximum dispensing fee PharmaCare recognizes or above the maximum number of fees PharmaCare allows
  • Drug costs above the maximum drug price PharmaCare recognizes
  • Most drugs purchased over-the-counter
  • Drugs:
    • that PharmaCare has reviewed and decided not to cover
    • for which a manufacturer has not submitted a request for PharmaCare coverage
    • that PharmaCare is currently considering for coverage
    • available as part of a private clinical trial
    • paid for by another payer, such as:
      • a private or federal insurer
      • WorkSafe BC or the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC)
    • associated with an Award for Damages
    • prescribed by a veterinarian
    • used to treat infertility, as diet therapies, or those normally used for cosmetic purposes (such as  for hair loss or wrinkle prevention)
    • provided through other agencies or facilities such as:
  • Medical supplies and devices not listed on the Medical Supplies page, and other items such as:
    • Insulin pumps for adults
    • Hearing aids or hearing aid batteries
    • Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machines
    • Wheelchairs and walkers
    • Eyeglasses
    • Bandages
    • Baby formula
    • Herbal medicine products
    • Artificial sweeteners

About coverage of specific drugs

Want to know if your drug is covered?

» Use our online Formulary Search or contact Health Insurance BC.

Want to learn more about PharmaCare drug coverage decisions?

» Visit our Drug Coverage Decisions section for information on

  • how drug coverage decisions are made
  • how you can provide input into those decisions
  • why and when a coverage decision was made
  • whether PharmaCare covers a specific drug
  • how manufacturers can request that a drug be considered for PharmaCare coverage