PharmaNet for Health Professionals


Important information for all Health Care Practitioners who access PharmaNet

Information obtained from PharmaNet is intended as a supplement to, rather than a substitute for, the knowledge, expertise, skill and judgment of pharmacists, physicians and other health care professionals. Information on PharmaNet is not exhaustive and therefore cannot be relied upon as complete. Please also note that the absence in PharmaNet of a warning about a drug or drug combination is not an indication that the drug or drug combination is safe, appropriate or effective in any given patient. Before making patient care decisions, health care professionals should confirm any information obtained from PharmaNet and ensure that no additional relevant information exists.

Access to PharmaNet for health professionals

PharmaNet access is available to authorized health professionals. By allowing B.C. health care providers controlled computer access to their clients' medication profiles, PharmaNet can protect British Columbians from potentially dangerous medication interactions and duplications. In addition, it helps to limit prescription fraud and drug abuse. PharmaNet complies with the province's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

For more information on access to PharmaNet for health professionals, see our PharmaNet access web page.

PharmaNet's role in building provincial Electronic Health Records for British Columbians

The eHealth program is aimed at bringing better, faster, safer health care to British Columbians across the province. It will introduce the provincial Electronic Health Record (EHR) which will provide each patient with a secure and private lifetime record of his/her key health history and care within the health system.

A patient’s provincial EHR will include shareable medical records, such as medication history, lab test results and diagnostic imaging reports. Physicians, pharmacists and other health professionals will have access to portions of the provincial EHR when and where it is needed and authorized for patient care.

This10-year eHealth initiative is being developed in three phases.
The eDrug Project is one of a number of eHealth phase 1 projects underway. The eDrug Project will upgrade PharmaNet. The new PharmaNet system will be called PharmaNet-eRx.

More information on the eHealth program, the eDrug Project and PharmaNet-eRx can be found in the newsletters below:

For more information on the eHealth program, visit the eHealth Website.