Information for Prescribers

Drug Supply Issues

Special Authority Information

  • Special Authority Forms
  • Special Authority Requests Prescriber Checklist (110K) - Guidelines for prescribers in completing various types of Special Authority Requests
  • What is a Special Authority?
  • Limited Coverage Drugs - Limited Coverage drugs are not generally considered 'first line' therapies or have more cost-effective alternatives. For these drugs, PharmaCare Special Authority approval is required before the patient fills their prescription.
  • Reference Drug Program - Under this program, full PharmaCare coverage is provided only to the identified reference drug. Other drugs within each category are eligible for partial coverage. If a patient has a medical condition preventing use of the reference drug, Special Authority can be requested for full coverage of another drug in the category.
  • Low Cost Alternative Program - If several drugs have identical active ingredients, PharmaCare set a maximum price ("LCA Price") it will cover for that category of drug(s). Patients can obtain a fully covered low cost alternative or a drug that will be only partially covered. If a patient cannot take the low cost alternative(s), Special Authority can be requested for full coverage of another drug.
  • No-Charge Psychiatric Medication Plan - Some psychiatric drugs require Special Authority approval to be covered under this plan.
  • Insulin Pumps for Children and Adolescents

Forms and Guides

Drug Coverage Information Sheets for Health Care Providers

Patient Information Sheets

  • See our Patient Information Section for information sheets on Fair PharmaCare, the Prosthetics and Orthotics Program, the BC Palliative Care Benefits Program and other topics.

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PharmaCare Drug Formulary Information

  • PharmaCare Formulary Search
  • Drug Coverage & Drug Coverage Decisions – provides information about:
    • how drug coverage decisions are made
    • how you can provide input into those decisions
    • why and when a coverage decision was made
    • whether PharmaCare covers a specific drug
    • how manufacturers can request that a drug be considered for PharmaCare coverage

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