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Agreements between the Ministry of Health and BC Pharmacies

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Benefit Information—Drugs and Medical Supplies

Drug coverage decisions

    • whetherPharmaCare covers a specific drug
    • how drug coverage decisions are made
    • how you can provide input into those decisions
    • why and when a coverage decision was made
    • how manufacturers can request that a drug be considered for PharmaCare coverage

Prescription drugs and vaccines

Non-drug products and medical supplies

Vaccine Resources for Pharmacists

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PharmaCare Publications and Reports


  • PharmaCare Newsletters—Get all the news on PharmaCare policies, drug coverage, audit issues, etc. 
  • PharmaNet Bulletins—News and procedures related to PharmaNet, the province-wide prescription claim processing network that links community pharmacies, hospital pharmacies and other health care providers to a central set of databases at the Ministry of Health.
  • Newsletter/Bulletin Notification Service—Receive an e-mail whenever a PharmaCare Newsletter or PharmaNet Bulletin is published.
  • See our Patient Information section for information sheets on Fair PharmaCare, the Prosthetics and Orthotics Program, the BC Palliative Care Benefits Program and other topics.


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