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Office of the Provincial Health Officer

The Office of the Provincial Health Officer responsibilities are outlined in the Public Health Act and include:

  • Providing independent advice on health issues to the Minister and Ministry of Health;
  • Reporting to British Columbians on the health of the population and other health issues;
  • Recommending actions to improve health and wellness;
  • Reporting on progress towards achieving BC's health goals;
  • Working with the B.C. Centre for Disease Control and Prevention and BC's medical health officers to fulfill their legislated mandates on disease control and health protection.

Provincial Health Officer
Dr. Perry Kendall
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The Provincial Health Officer is the senior medical health officer for British Columbia.

Deputy Provincial Health Officer
Dr. Eric Young
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The Deputy Provincial Health Officer supports the work of the Provincial Health Officer (PHO), acting in place of the PHO when required and participating in a wide range of committees at both the provincial and national level.

Deputy Provincial Health Officer
Dr. Evan Adams
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Under the direction of the Deputy Minister of Health and the Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Evan Adams provides expert medical advice, support and guidance regarding aboriginal health, policy development, programs and other initiatives.


Provincial Drinking Water Officer
The Provincial Drinking Water Officer assists the Provincial Health Officer in his role of providing oversight and accountability for the Drinking Water Protection Act, including requests for review of decisions by regional Drinking Water Officers, public reporting and responding to public complaints.

Under section 39.1 of the Drinking Water Protection Act the Provincial health officer can review certain decisions made by a drinking water officer. Any persons affected by a decision of a drinking water officer, under specific sections of the Act, can Request for a Review (PDF  36K) of a Drinking Water Officer Decision.

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