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Ministry of Health

Healthy Living Branch

The Healthy Living Branch works to reduce the incidence of preventable chronic disease and injury by addressing risk factors and supporting the creation of health-promoting environments that enable British Columbians to make healthy lifestyle choices.
The branch is responsible for population health and wellness strategies related to:

The branch supports population health promotion strategies in settings, including schools, local communities, and in the workplace.

The importance of preventing chronic disease and injury

The increasing incidence of chronic disease has emerged as one of the most important health issues in the 21st century. Many chronic illnesses, such as cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes, are preventable conditions. Likewise, many injuries -- including those from senior’s falls – can be prevented. Both chronic disease and injury place a burden on individuals and families, and as their prevalence increases, so does the cost of the health care system to all British Columbians.

Studies show that physical inactivity, obesity, unhealthy eating, and smoking are common risk factors that contribute to the development of certain chronic illnesses. It is also known that a range of broader risk conditions can contribute to chronic diseases, including living and working conditions, environmental pollution, certain infections, social relationships and early childhood experience, among others.

By investing in health promotion and the prevention of illness and injury, we can help improve the health of all British Columbians, reduce and prevent chronic disease, and relieve pressure on the public health care system.