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Ministry of Health

Partners and Initiatives: Seniors’ Fall Prevention

B.C. Injury Research and Prevention Unit

The provincial government provides funding through the Provincial Health Services Authority for the British Columbia Injury Research and Prevention Unit (BCIRPU). The BCIRPU’s role with respect to seniors’ fall prevention is to work with health authorities and other agencies (including physicians, pharmacists, health researchers) to develop a response to the Provincial Health Officer’s 2004 report, Prevention of Falls and Injuries Among the Elderly (PDF 2.4M), and implement actions from the 31 recommendations within the report.

B.C. Falls and Injury Prevention Coalition

The provincial government supports the B.C. Falls and Injury Prevention Coalition (BCFIPC). The BCFIPC was established in 2005 to provide coordination and support to fall prevention interventions across the province. It is a multi-sectoral collaborative of individuals representing regional and provincial organizations who are concerned with the need to reduce falls and fall-related injuries among older adults. Through networking, education, research and the implementation of evidence-based prevention, the BCFIPC members seek to reduce the rate and severity of falls by collaborating to effect change in policy and programming at local, regional and provincial levels. On January 31, 2008, the BCFIPC was the recipient of a Premier’s Innovation and Excellence Award.

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Centre of Excellence on Mobility, Fall Prevention and Injury in Aging

On March 31, 2009, the Centre of Excellence on Mobility, Fall Prevention and Injury in Aging (CEMFIA) was established, located in the Centre for Hip Health and Mobility. CEMFIA’s mission is to generate, translate and promote uptake of best practice evidence for the enhancement of mobility and the reduction of the incidence and severity of falls and fall-related injuries among older persons in British Columbia.

Education and Capacity Building

Canadian Falls Prevention Curriculum

In partnership with the Public Health Agency of Canada and the B.C. Injury Research and Prevention Unit (BCIRPU), the provincial government is contributing to the development and implementation of the Canadian Falls Prevention Curriculum (CFPC) in B.C. and across Canada. The CFPC is available in both English and French and is targeted towards health care professionals, community support providers and policy and program personnel who wish to design, implement and evaluate evidence-based fall prevention programs tailored to their work or community settings. The face-to-face version of the course has been available since November 2007, and has been offered in both English and French over 50 times to approximately 1,000 participants across Canada. Dissemination of the CFPC has been managed by the BCIRPU in collaboration with the Canadian Fall Prevention Education Collaborative – the first Canada-wide network to address all sectors that work on fall-related risk.

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Canadian Falls Prevention Curriculum E-Learning Course

To increase the accessibility of the CFPC, the course has been developed as a web-based E-Learning version, which is offered in English through the University of Victoria Continuing Education Division. The French version of the CFPC E-Learning course is offered by the University of Alberta’s Campus Saint-Jean.

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Seniors’ Fall Prevention Awareness Week

The provincial government proclaims this event the first week in November each year to raise awareness and education around the prevention of falls and injuries among older adults, and encourage leadership and collaboration among health authorities across the province. For more information, see the resource page.