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Ministry of Health

British Columbia Health Authorities

About BC's Health Authorities

B.C.'s health authorities are committed to building a high-quality, patient-centred and sustainable health care system that is:

  • equitable, with access to a coordinated range of local, regional and provincial services for all British Columbians, regardless of where they live in the province;
  • effective and efficient, with services coordinated within regions large enough to recruit and retain health professionals and achieve economies of scale;
  • governed by strong leaders, with board members chosen for their leadership skills, decision-making abilities and willingness to be accountable for desired outcomes; and
  • accountable with clearly articulated and conscientiously monitored performance measures and targets.

Health care services are managed and delivered by:

  • five health authorities that govern, plan and coordinate services regionally within 16 health service delivery areas and participate with;
  • one Provincial Health Services Authority, which coordinates and/or provides provincial programs and specialized services, such as cardiac care and transplants.

This structure, introduced in December 2001, modernized a complicated, confusing and expensive health care system by merging the previous 52 health authorities into a streamlined governance and management model.