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Ministry of Health

British Columbia Health Authorities

The Provincial Health Services Authority

The Provincial Health Services Authority is part of the new governance structure for BC's public health care system. It oversees the coordination and delivery of provincial programs and highly specialized health care services.

Provincial programs include those services delivered by provincial agencies, such as the BC Provincial Renal Agency, to all BC residents.

Highly specialized services include resource-intensive services, such as heart surgery, transplants and treatment of severe burns, which cannot be delivered in every community.

The provincial authority will work closely with the five new health authorities and the ministries of health to ensure these programs are coordinated throughout the province, and that patient access issues are equitably addressed.

New Structure

The Provincial Health Services Authority will directly govern and administer the:

The Authority will also enter into performance contracts with regional authorities whose hospitals deliver some of these services.


Provincial programs and highly specialized services account for about a third of the province's spending on hospital care. Although they serve the entire province, most of these services are delivered by agencies located in Vancouver, with a few delivered in large regional hospitals.

Under the previous governance structure, a small number of health authorities were responsible for these services, making it difficult to effectively plan or coordinate equitable delivery to all British Columbians. With the participation of the five new health authorities, the new provincial authority will be better able to fairly administer and deliver these services.