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Ministry of Health

Roles and Responsibilities

Together the Ministry of Health, the Provincial Health Services Authority, the five geographic health authorities, and the First Nations Health Authority share responsibility for ensuring appropriate health outcomes are achieved province wide.

Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health is responsible for:

  • establishing expectations and target outcomes for health authority performance;
  • monitoring and evaluating health authority performance against those expectations; and
  • reporting to the public.

Regional Health Authorities

The regional health authorities are responsible for:

  • identifying population health needs;
  • planning appropriate programs and services;
  • ensuring programs and services are properly funded and managed; and
  • meeting performance objectives.

Provincial Health Services Authority

The Provincial Health Services Authority is responsible for:

  • working with the five health authorities to plan and coordinate the delivery of provincial programs and specialized services; and
  • governing and managing the organizations that provide health services throughout the province.

First Nations Health Authority

The First Nations Health Authority is responsible for:

  • planning, managing, delivering and funding First Nations health programs and services previously provided by Health Canada’s First Nations Inuit Health Branch BC region;
  • working with B.C.’s Ministry of Health and health authorities to address service gaps and improve health outcomes for B.C. First Nations; and
  • improving the quality, accessibility, delivery, effectiveness and cultural appropriateness of health care programs and services for First Nations.