Surgical Wait Times

Welcome to the Surgical Wait Times Website

This website is designed to offer you information about wait times for elective surgical procedures in British Columbia for adult and pediatric patients. Wait times are calculated on the basis of the previous three months of completed cases. A small number of procedures performed in addition to a number of urgent cases performed can result in a calculated wait time that is not reflective of the current patients wait time.

The data for Open Heart Surgeries and Coronary Artery Bypass Grafts is reported for adults aged 18 and over to be consistent with how cardiac wait times data are reported nationally.

Please note that due to a new data load methodology, there are data quality issues that are currently being updated at The University Hospital of Northern British Columbia. Data should be interpreted with caution.


Surgical Wait Times

In British Columbia, more than 500,000 hospital-based surgeries and treatments are performed each year.

Note this site reports on wait times for adult and pediatric elective surgeries done in publicly-funded facilities throughout the province. More than half of all surgeries are emergency or unplanned procedures and never appear on a waitlist. These cases are not included on this website.

To protect patient privacy procedures with volumes less than five cases are not shown.

Information in the Surgical Patient Registry comes directly from facilities throughout BC. The accuracy of the registry is entirely dependent on the data submitted by the facilities. The Ministry of Health Services assumes no liability for the hospital information.

More information can be found on the How is this Data Collected? page.