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Surname Given Names Phone Cell Phone E-Mail City More
COSGRAVE JULIE 250-868-2433 N/A Email KELOWNA Details
DOW JUDY 250-861-3995 N/A Email KELOWNA Details
KAUFMAN DEBORAH A. 250-764-1145 N/A Email KELOWNA Details
LLOYD MARJOLEIN 778-754-7623 250-862-6771 Email WEST KELOWNA Details
RUBADEAU DONNA 250-868-0388 N/A Email KELOWNA Details
SAMIN DARLENE 250-861-4007 N/A Email KELOWNA Details
SEWELL CLIFFORD 250-766-2224 N/A Email LAKE COUNTRY Details
TAYLOR MAUREEN 250-768-5240 250-488-2398 Email WEST KELOWNA Details
VRIEND JOYCE 250-767-2729 N/A Email PEACHLAND Details

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