Health Data Request Forms

Form 5424 and 5427 are intended for academic researchers who are interested in initiating a Request to Contact application or need a cost estimate for a PharmaNet data extract. Form 5426 and corresponding checklists are intended for Health Authorities or other organizations who are interested in applying for record level Ministry of Health data. For more information please visit Health Data Central webpage.

HLTH# Form Title

Request to Contact (PDF 542K)

5426 Health Data Request (PDF 645K)
5427 Request for Estimate (PDF 536K)
5428 Checklist: PharmaCare Data (PDF 563K)
5429 Checklist: Discharge Abstract Database (Hospital Separations) Data File (PDF 692K)
5430 Checklist: Medical Services Plan (MSP) Payment Information (PDF 521K)
5431 Checklist: PharmaNet Data (PDF 541K )
  PharmaNet and PharmaCare Checklist Dictionary (PDF 541K)


Linkage Strategies
Linkage Strategy A - External Cohort (PDF 55K )
Linkage Strategy B - Ministry Cohort (PDF 51K )


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