British Columbia Application for EMA Licence

This form must be completed by the applicant. Forms completed by a third party will not be accepted.

PART A: Application Information

Note: As indicated by Statistics Canada, transgender, transsexual, and intersex individuals should indicate the sex (male or female) with which they most associate themselves.

PART B: Licence Requested

I am applying for: 
I hereby apply for a licence to practice at the

PART C: Employment Information if applicable, are you currently employed?

Employment information is only required to be completed for all the employers for whom you plan to use your EMA licence.

Please choose at least one employer from the drop-down lists.

If you are not employed, please choose "Not Employed" and if your employer does not appear on the list please choose "Other" and add the employer below.

Add an employer

PART D: Applicant questionaire

When completing the questions that follow, the applicant should read the questions carefully and answer the questions truthfully. If the applicant has any questions regarding how to respond, they are strongly encouraged to contact the Branch for clarification. Should the applicant provide any inaccurate, false or misleading information or omit any required information, their application may be immediately cancelled, and the Board may use this information when making a determination of good character on future applications.

PART E: Acknowledgements and Declarations

As an applicant to the Board, I acknowledge that:


PART F: Official Documentation

PART E: Payment Options

Based on the options you selected above, you are required to make the following payment:

Payment Owing: Calculating...

You have the option to pay now online, or to pay later. If you choose to pay later, you can still use the online method. Please select an option:

Cancel application and return
HLTH 9700 - Last Revised: May 05, 2020