Baby Enrolment/Addition of Newborn

Electronic Birth Registration

If the mother of a newborn has MSP coverage, the easiest way to enrol the newborn in MSP is by completing the Electronic Birth Registration through the Vital Statistics Agency. When you complete the Electronic Birth Registration, the Vital Statistics Agency sends the baby’s information to Health Insurance BC (HIBC) through a secure communications network. HIBC will then process the application and determine the baby’s eligibility for MSP coverage. This service is available at

Important Notes:

  • If the newborn is a B.C. resident, he/she must be enrolled in MSP. This is true even if the hospital assigns the newborn a Personal Health Number.
  • If MSP coverage is being provided through an employer, another group plan (including the First Nations Health Authority), or the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation (SDSI), the group administrator or SDSI must be advised that the baby is being enrolled in MSP .
  • There are circumstances where the Electronic Birth Registration service cannot be used to enrol a newborn in MSP; for example, the father is requesting coverage for the newborn under an account that does not include the mother. Or it may simply be that a different method of enrolling the baby in MSP is preferred. Whatever the reason, application can be made by completing a Baby Enrolment pdf form.
  • Parents who are new to the province and who are arriving with a baby should include the baby on the same form they are completing to obtain coverage.
  • A BC Services Card will be issued when the baby is enrolled in MSP. Depending on the length of the baby's name, it may not be possible to include the full name on the BC Services Card.

The opportunity to automatically enrol a newborn in MSP via the Electronic Birth Registration is offered in partnership with the Vital Statistics Agency. If you would like further information, please refer to the Enrolling your Newborn in the Medical Services Plan (MSP).


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