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Communities to Local
Farms and Gardens
When vegetables and fruits are missing in a remote community,
it’s not just the family dinner table that misses out. It means
school lunches lack the healthy foods needed for growing,
active children; it means patients don’t get the good nutrition
they need to heal.
To ensure fresh produce gets to those who need it most throughout the
community, the Produce Availability Initiative team partnered with the
Public Health Association of BC, local farmers, gardeners, and experienced
and budding chefs to provide healthy school lunches, meals for community
programs at a local health centre, and hospital meals.
Why is it important to eat food that is
grown locally?
“It is important because it is fresher, does not
take as much gas and stuff to get here.”
“So you create more business for your
community, and it is healthier.”
“Because it is something we can trust and
sometimes help pick.”
“Because you know it is much more healthier,
and that it isn’t covered in chemicals and
Port Clements Elementary School