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These new connections mean students and teachers are learning about
growing and harvesting local produce, local farmers have new markets
for their produce, and kids are getting more of the important nutrients
they need to grow and learn.
Participating Programs:
1. Tahsis: Captain Meares Elementary and Secondary School
2. Port Clements: Port Clements Elementary School
3. Masset: George M. Dawson Secondary School
4. Masset: Tahayghen Elementary School
5. Old Masset: Chief Matthews Elementary School
6. Old Masset : Haida Health Centre
7. Old Masset: Old Masset Village Council Culinary Arts Program
Bill McKay’s Farm, Masset
“I think the farm to school program is important
because it brings together the community with the
volunteers, with all the kids, and the parents and
grandparents come in sometimes. It gets people talking
about fresh food, trying new recipes, sharing recipes.
It brings people together.”
Silvie Keen, Program Coordinator