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Storage Solutions
The challenge with vegetables and fruits is that they are perishable. Even
when remote communities have overcome the obstacle of keeping a regular
supply of produce, they are soon confronted with the problem of what to do
with all of it and how to keep it lasting fresh as long as possible.
With support from the Produce Availability Initiative team, two remote
communities found an innovative solution to meet their food storage needs.
On Haida Gwaii, The Graham Island East Coast Farmers’ Institute built
a temperature-controlled storage unit out of an old shipping container.
Located on the north end of the islands, the unit stores bulk produce grown
both on the island and imported from off the island for farmers and grocers
in Masset, Port Clements, and other island communities.
The storage unit has become an
invaluable community resource, used to
store farm and grocer produce, canned
meat, and seeds and grains. It also serves
as a vegetables and fruits hub since it
recently became home to the
local farmers market.