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The Produce
Availability Initiative
Imagine you are in the grocery store and in the fresh produce
section you find only one onion and a withered head of garlic.
There are no apples, no carrots; not a single head of lettuce.
For many of British Columbia’s remote communities, this is a daily reality.
Tucked in isolated northern corners of the province and along rugged
coastlines, people have to travel hundreds of kilometres down rough
roads just to buy a bag of oranges or a bunch of carrots.
And when the only road in and out of the community is closed due to
floods or fires, or when ferries are cancelled during the storm season,
finding fresh vegetables and fruits becomes impossible.
“We work all the time and the closest fresh fruit
is a day away. We can’t afford a whole day off
just to get vegetables and fruits.
I guess it has been about three months since
my daughter had an apple or
any kind of fresh fruit.”
— Resident, Zeballos, BC