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Produce Availability Initiative Steering Committee
Lisa Forster-Coull (B.C. Ministry of Health)
Margaret Yandel (B.C. Ministry of Health)
Brenda Lennox (B.C. Ministry of Agriculture)
Jeff Sommers (Heart and Stroke Foundation)
Kirsten Yarker (Vitamin K Consulting)
John Forsdick, Kerry MacKelvie O’Brien, Jonathan Schmid (Context Research)
Produce Availability Initiative Advisory Committee
Chief Harold Aljam, Aboriginal Agriculture Education Society of BC
Donna Anaka, Ministry of Agriculture
Lindsay Babineau, BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation
Michael Barnes, Public Health Association of British Columbia
Peter Cavin, Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers
Marylyn Chiang, Union of British Columbia Municipalities
Mary Collins, BC Healthy Living Alliance
Marie Crawford, Union of British Columbia Municipalities
Andy Dolberg, BC Agriculture Council
Art Heppner, B.C. Produce Marketing Association
Nico Human, BC Food Processors Association
Allen Langdon, Retail Council of Canada
Bob McKilligan,BC Produce Marketing Association
Davis Yung, BC Food Processors Association
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