Continued Enrolment in MSP for Ages 19-24

Residents of BC are required, by law, to enrol themselves and to enrol their spouse and children who are residents of BC.

Who Can Use This Form

This form is for use by a dependent post-secondary student -- a person 19 to 24 years who:

  • is financially supported by a parent or person who stands in place of the person's parent; and
  • is in full-time attendance at a recognized post-secondary institution.

To qualify for this coverage, the person applying must be single (not married or living and cohabiting in a marriage-like relationship). A dependent post-secondary student may include a student enrolled in full-time studies at an accredited trade school, technical school or high school.

If you will not be continuing enrolment under your parent/legal guardian's account and you need to report a change of address, use the online Address Change form.

Form Submission Options

You and your parent/legal guardian have the following options for filling out and submitting this form:

  1. Fill out this online form and submit your request electronically. After submitting your request online you will receive a confirmation that your request has been received. (recommended)
  2. Fill out the form(s) on the back of the letter that your parent/legal guardian has received regarding your MSP enrolment, sign and mail the form(s) to Health Insurance BC.
Information for Parents/Legal Guardians

To learn about the process that takes place when your child/ward reaches the age of 19 please see Eligibility and Enrolment

About Online Forms

At any time before submitting your request you can click the Back button at the bottom of each page to return to a previous page, review and/or edit information. You will not lose any information you have entered.


RESIDENT means a person who is a citizen of Canada or is lawfully admitted to Canada for permanent residence, who makes his or her home in British Columbia, and is physically present in British Columbia at least 6 months in a calendar year, and includes a person who is deemed under the Regulations to be a resident but does not include a tourist or visitor to British Columbia.

CHILD means a BC resident who is a child of a beneficiary or a person in respect of whom a beneficiary stands in the place of a parent, and who is a minor, does not have a spouse, and is supported by the beneficiary.

DEPENDENT POST-SECONDARY STUDENT means a BC resident who is older than 18 and younger than 25 years of age, in full-time attendance at a recognized post-secondary institution, and supported by a parent or person who stands in place of the person's parent. A dependent post-secondary student may include a student enrolled in full-time studies at an accredited trade school, technical school or high school.

Out of Province Students

MSP coverage for students studying outside of BC is available for the duration of studies if they are in full-time attendance at an accredited educational facility and enrolled in a program which leads to a degree or certificate recognized in Canada. Generally, these students must return to BC by the end of the month following the month in which studies are completed.

Prescription Drug Coverage

If you are registered for Fair Pharmacare coverage of prescription costs and designated medical supplies, you can remain under your family's Fair Pharmacare coverage until December 31 of the year you are no longer covered by your parent/legal guardian. At that time you should contact Health Insurance BC to establish your own coverage. Please note that you do not need to register for Fair PharmaCare; you need only to request separate Fair Pharmacare coverage.

Change of Name or Address

Health Insurance BC must be notified immediately of any change of name or address.


There is no fee for this request.


Personal information on this form is collected under the authority of the Medicare Protection Act. The information will be used to determine residency in BC and determine eligibility for provincial health care benefits. If you have any questions about the collection of this information, contact Health Insurance BC. Personal information is protected from unauthorized use and disclosure in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and may be disclosed only as provided by that Act.


All information is subject to change in accordance with the Medicare Protection Act and Regulations and the Hospital Insurance Act and Regulations. If a discrepancy exists between the information Health Insurance BC has provided on this application and the legislation, the legislation will prevail.

Processing Time

Your request should be processed within 4 weeks.