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When more than one patient is seen on the same special call-out, the following rules apply:

  • When a physician is called out to attend more than one patient, the physician may bill non-operative continuing care surcharges (fee items 01205, 01206, 01207) for each half-hour of care provided as long as the criteria for those fees are met.

  • Non-operative continuing care surcharges are also applicable without the 30-minute time lapse, and with timing continuing, to immediately subsequent patients seen on the same call-out in the following circumstances:

    • As an emergency;
    • To provide top-ups under fee item 01103 for obstetrical epidural anaesthesia; or
    • To provide subsequent resuscitation under fee item 01088.

  • CCFPP must be noted in your note record for all claims where care is continuing from a previous patient.

  • Timing is based on the total time spent providing continuous care, not the number of patients seen (e.g., if three patients are seen in one half-hour period, the applicable non-operative continuing care surcharge may be charged only for the last patient seen in that half-hour period).

  • For example: If the first patient is seen at 2020 hours, the 30-minute refractory period ends at 2050 hours. If multiple patients are seen between 2050 and 2120 hours, the full half-hour period should be billed for the PHN of the last patient seen during that time.
  Tip: Your note record must indicate "CCFPP" or the 30-minute refractory period will be deducted from your payment.

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