Test your knowledge about...

Non-operative Continuing Care Surcharges

This short self-quiz will test your understanding of MSP billing policies and procedures for Non-operative Continuing Care Surcharges.

Question 1

An emergency surgery commences at 1700 hours and continues until 1830 hours. Is the anaesthetist eligible to bill fee item 01205 from 1800 to 1830 hours?

  (a) Yes.
  (b) No.

Question 2

A physician is called to the hospital at 1900 hours to see a patient who has been injured in a motor vehicle accident. The physician spends 50 minutes with the patient, providing a complete examination and suturing several minor lacerations. The physician bills fee item 01200 for the call-out. How should the remaining 20 minutes be billed?

  (a) Bill under fee item 01205 X 1 to ICBC.
  (b) Bill under fee item 01205 X 1 to MSP.
  (c) No additional continuing care surcharges are payable.

Question 3

A radiologist is called from home on a Saturday to provide an urgent x-ray service for an outpatient. While at the hospital, the same radiologist provides other radiological services for several in-patients for one hour. Can the radiologist bill fee item 01207 for the in-patient services?

  (a) Yes.
  (b) No.