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Services Provided in the Emergency Room

This short self-quiz will test your understanding of MSP billing policies and procedures for services provided in the emergency room.

Question 1

A physician is seeing patients at the hopsital on a Saturday when s/he is called to see a patient on an urgent basis in the emergency room. How should this service be billed?

  (a) Fee item 00108 (hospital visit).
  (b) Fee item 13200 (out-of-office visit) plus fee item 01202 (call-out).
  (c) Fee item 00123 (on-call on-site hospital visit - Saturday, Sunday, or Statutory Holiday).

Question 2

A physician is called from the office during office hours to attend a patient in the Emergency Room on an urgent basis. How should this visit be billed?

  (a) Fee item 13200 (out-of-office visit).
  (b) Fee item 00112 (Emergency visit - call placed between hours of 0800 and 1800 hours).
  (c) Fee item 00108 (hospital visit) plus a call-out fee.

Question 3

A physician is on-duty in the Emergency Department and sees a patient at 2100 hours for an upper respiratory infection. How should this visit be billed?

  (a) Fee item 00113 (on-call on-site hospital visit - evening).
  (b) Fee item 00108 (hospital visit).
  (c) Fee item 01821 (Level 1 emergency care - evening).