Specialist Group Medical Visits - Billing Tips

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The start and end time of the Group Medical Visit must be provided in the time field on the claim submission.  If the times are not provided, the claim will be refused with explanatory codes YY CF.
              YY (pre-edit system refusal.  See secondary explanatory code(s))
              CF (time called or time service was rendered is missing or invalid)

The Group Medical Visits fees are not billable with other listings, if another service was billed by the same physician for the same date, the claim will be refused with explanatory code K3.
K3 (processed according to the description of the fee item, or the note relating to the fee item in  
       the MSC payment schedule)

When a Group Medical Visit is rendered conjointly by two Specialists, a note record indicating Group Medical Visit and the name of the other Specialist Physician should be included in the claim submission.
Example of a note record: GMV with Dr. A.

Refer to the Specialist Group Medical Visits Information


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